Try installing DragonFly again

Did you try to install DragonFly relatively recently and it never made it past the bootloader?  Apparently there’s a bug in some BIOS when using a smaller USB drive to install.  The loader checks multiple places for information, and if it checks somewhere that’s ‘farther’ than the end of the disk (i.e. 6G on a 4G USB key), the machine locks up.

Matthew Dillon and Kyle Davis spent a good number of hours figuring this out today, and Matt committed a fix.   So, if you were bit by this problem, try a -LATEST image about 24 hours from now and see if it works.

2 Replies to “Try installing DragonFly again”

  1. Pardon me for asking what could be a stupid question, but that commit touched a file called hammer2.c , and if hammer2 isn’t in production yet for installing as a default , why would it affect installing from a USB drive?

  2. The actual error was from when Hammer boot support was added – it looks in the various places there could be records, or duplicates of those records, which is assumed to be at 0, 2, 4, and 6G into the disk, if I am remembering correctly.

    The error comes from some BIOS not being able to handle it when you try to access a disk value that is beyond the actual value of the disk. So, it’s touching Hammer files because it’s part of checking for Hammer – and Hammer 2 boot support has already been built in.

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