In Other BSDs for 2014/04/12

Some out-of-the-ordinary things this week.

3 Replies to “In Other BSDs for 2014/04/12”

  1. How can FreeBSD possibly need $1,000,000 annual to operate even with companies like iXsystems helping out, among others. OpenBSD only needed $150,000 in comparison, I realize there’s a bigger group of people using FreeBSD, but that’s a lot of money for an open source project in my opinion. Where does that all go? What does it cost DragonFlyBSD to operate for a year?

  2. BSDCan, EuroBSDCon, hardware like MEGAcore and sponsored projects take a high toll. Everything makes it back to the community one way or another though.

  3. FreeBSD does support conventions and sends developers to co ventions – which I think is a great idea. They have finance staetements open to the public, I think, too. I would link to them if I was at my normal computer.

    DragonFly has minimal costs because Matt shoulders the hosting costs and we don’t support much else. Hardware for testing and so on would be an obvious choice if we had the resources for it – which we often do, through the generosity of various individuals.

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