No DragonFly in Summer of Code

DragonFly wasn’t accepted for Summer of Code, which frankly I expected to have happen last year – we’ve been participating every year since 2008. ¬†However, FreeBSD and (for the first time) OpenBSD are listed as participating mentoring institutions, so you can still get your BSD/GSoC going.

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  1. hmmm? After such excellent results last year? (all students passed).
    Is there more to the story?

  2. NetBSD had the same question and actually asked google. Here’s how that went:
    Today I attended an IRC meeting where organisations that applied for GSoC were explained why they were not selected. As a member of marketing@, that is, of course, of much interest to me. Here his the feedback we got:

    NetBSD_mbalmer g’evening
    carols__ this will be a disappointing one
    tonythomas has left IRC (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
    NetBSD_mbalmer it already was
    carols__ you guys have participated before and we just needed to make space for new orgs
    carols__ that’s the long and short of it, i’m sorry
    NetBSD_mbalmer fair enough, thanks for the feedback.
    carols__ i’m sorry it’s not more satisfying than that.
    carols__ i appreciate you waiting.
    scorche|sh !nextinline

    – Marc

    So it looks political and not based on any kind of objective assessment of current or past performance. That type of selection process doesn’t normally end well, you don’t eliminate good performers in favor of unproven ones.

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