Lazy Reading for 2014/02/16

Trivia fact that I told someone about at NYCBSDCon: the habit of using (via) to correctly attribute links comes from a still-online-but-not-functioning site called The Nonist.  The fellow putting it together had the most wonderful ability to find esoteric, interesting items to read about.  I can’t match his talent for images.  The Wayback Machine has a copy of the Nonist site so you can see it in its original glory.

To the (text-only) links!

Your unrelated link of the week: If I met you at NYCBSDCon last week, did I seem like a mature adult?  I’m not.  Here’s Deer Fart.wmv.  

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  1. I wonder why the *BSDs consistently manage to come up with simple solutions that just work every time, while across the fence in the Linux camp there always has to be something “revolutuionary” that adds unecessary complexity, breaks compatibility with other platforms and generally makes the user’s job managing the system a PITA.

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