bxr.su announced

Constantine Aleksandrovich Murenin has put together a new site, bxr.su.  His announcement to users@ goes into a lot of detail, but here’s a preview: it’s an OpenGrok site that has a forked version of OpenGrok that’s both speedy and takes BSD into account, along with other nice features.

Here’s the catch: it’s currently IPv6 only.  IPv4 will be on as a test just today, and on for good shortly after.  Read that announcement I mentioned for details.

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  1. Yeap, and also, there are no IPv4 glue records until 2013-04-24, so, the IPv4 address that is published in the A record today and also from 2013-04-14 onwards, can only be had if your resolver has IPv6 connectivity.

    If you don’t have IPv6, this is nonetheless mostly not a problem if your ISP already has at least some partial IPv6 deployment to some users — most of the national ISPs (at least in the U.S.) already have each resolver dual stacked all across.

    However, if your ISP has no IPv6 network whatsoever, you could still use Google Public DNS at, or ordns.he.net at, which should not have any problems with contacting IPv6-only NS, and can resolve A-records of domains with IPv6-only delegations (e.g. IPv6-only NS), when requested by an IPv4-only client, without any problems.

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