Another sh(1) update

Peter Avalos has committed another batch of updates to sh(1), from FreeBSD.  I was going to comment on how strange it was to see software getting updated so many years later; you’d think everything there was to update for /bin/sh had been done at this point.  Digging casually, the oldest bit on sh that I can find is from 1991 – 22 years old.   The man page mentions a rewrite in 1989 based on System V Release 4 UNIX, and there were versions of sh all the way back to version 1.

Here’s a trivia question – what’s the oldest Unix utility, and what’s the oldest code still in use?  I don’t know the answer.

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  1. What’s the oldest Unix utility?

    I’m not nearly old enough to recall first-hand, and after some light Google work (and ignoring any programs that were written before the first C compiler) my best guess would be ed.

    What’s the oldest code still in use?


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