Lazy Reading for 2013/03/17

You know what stinks?  I find a really cool thing online somewhere, early in the week, or even in a previous week, like today’s unrelated link.  Between me finding it and this always-on-Sunday post, other people encounter it, the link gets reposted everywhere, and it’s old hat by the time you see it here.  Yeah, I’m complaining like it’s hipster linking!

Your unrelated link of the week: I almost can’t tell this is a parody.  Actually, it’s more like a double level of parody.  Seen on this inexplicable, wonderful Tumblog; found via arts inscrutable.

Bonus link: Dog Snack Episode 3.


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  1. Maybe i’m a little obtuse, but i still prefer relying on Local rrs fetching(directly on Firefox bookmarks toolbar) an synchronizing with Xmrks, than using online rss readers…

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