Hey, NYC readers

This has nothing directly to do with DragonFly, other than this is a result from my trip to NYCBSDCon last year…  I know I have a few New York City readers.  I’m possibly making a short trip to NYC soon; any advice on where to stay/visit?

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  1. not from nyc but stayed a few times

    hotels for not much:

    – The YMCA. Its cheap.
    – Chelsea Hotel (while not so much ‘cheap’ a good value – paid ~150/night in 2009 for a MASSIVE SUITE – yes suite, with ~22×15 LR, kitchenette and big BR – and extra bonus it turned out to be the room where nancy spungen was MURDERED! WOO not sure if I got lucky here.. but still .. not bad for such a historic place). Pretty decent location in lower manhattan to get to things as well. But apparently, it’s closed for renovation – so who knows when it will open, and if it will be the same. hmm.

    places to visit:

    Have heard good things about the brooklyn brewery tour, but was unable to visit the times
    I’ve been due to time constraints

  2. First, you should let us know when you’re coming, since we can plan something when you’re around :)

    Second, for the last con we had people at the St Mark’s Hotel which is cash-only, but dirt cheap and centrally located. I’d avoid Nancy Spungen-murder scenes in the Disneyified NYC since it will only increase the price.

    Third. To ask “what to do” here is difficult. It’s more like “what do you want to do”? Hopefully a NYC*BUG meeting could be on your agenda!

    Ping me offlist JS!

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