A favor with xorgs and DPorts

If you have a DragonFly 3.3 system with DPorts, can you install xorg, then ssh -Y from another machine to there, and see if you can remotely run an X program like xterm with local display?  I’ve done this twice on two different machines with DPorts and it won’t work.  xorg won’t write the security info to ~/.Xauthority, with ssh or xhost or whatever.   It’s driving me crazy.

(Yeah, slow news day.)

3 Replies to “A favor with xorgs and DPorts”

  1. Hello.
    I changed /etc/ssh/sshd_config on DragonFly 3.3 system with DPorts:
    -XAuthLocation /usr/pkg/bin/xauth
    +XAuthLocation /usr/local/bin/xauth

    then rcrestart sshd.
    Now I can ssh -Y from Linux and start xterm, xcalc… for example.

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