Lazy Reading for 2013/01/06

I’m going for the terse list of links.  It’s sort of Neukirchen-ish.

Your unrelated link(s) of the week: Some very good tutorial videos.  Don’t worry, it’s just electrostatic dischargewire safetyfun with capacitors, and how to make a Windows shortcut (via/via)

2 Replies to “Lazy Reading for 2013/01/06”

  1. Re: Top 10 Command Line Utilities 2012:

    tmp > ls *.zip | xargs md5
    MD5 ( = d760b448595f844b1162eaa3c04f83d8
    MD5 ( = d760b448595f844b1162eaa3c04f83d8

    “ls *.zip | xargs md5”


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