Lazy Reading for 2012/12/23

I started this Lazy Reading early, since I had so many links it overflowed into the next week.  Merry almost Christmas!

Your unrelated link of the week: I work at a salt mine.  One of the highlights of my job is when I’m in the mine and need to get somewhere quickly; I use a 4-wheeler to drive.  (I’m licensed to operate it.)  There’s no stop signs, no stoplights, and generally a whole lot of straight roads with no obstacles or traffic.    It can be a fun drive.  However, it’s not as cool as driving on the moon.  (via)

4 Replies to “Lazy Reading for 2012/12/23”

  1. So in other words you drive 200+ km/h and there are no cops to pull you over? Probably more fun than going to a race track!

  2. Belated response I know, but somehow I missed this post earlier. Why is grep fast is one question, why is GNU grep so fast is another. You’ve probably seen it before, of course. If not, it’s a nice discussion from 2010 on freebsd-current.

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