Another set of benchmarks

There’s more benchmarks for DragonFly vs. other systems on Phoronix.  It has the same problem as previous benchmarks; some of the benchmarks may have no connection to reality (what does the “Himeno Poisson Pressure Solver” actually test?), and almost every system has a different version of the gcc compiler.  So it’s meaningless in terms of comparative or absolute performance.  On the other hand, DragonFly doesn’t do badly.

You can also look at the comments to see someone absolutely freak out over the very existence of things that aren’t Linux.  I’m not sure if it’s actually trolling, since the comments are so exactly wrong.

4 Replies to “Another set of benchmarks”

  1. Yeah, the immature Linux fans there make the comments on any BSD articles unreadable. I have to call it trolling just because I don’t want to believe that anyone can be so stupid…

  2. That is some full-on trolling. I sometimes find it hard to believe that people still engage trolls like that.

  3. That’s not trolling. That’s people trying to insult. Well, probably not “people” — more likely one person with multiple accounts.

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