OpenMPI, OpenMP on DragonFly

A conversation about compilers in the DragonFly base system led peeter (must) to describe his group’s use of OpenMPI on DragonFly for physics calculations. ¬†Apparently he’s had a significant performance improvement on DragonFly.

Along similar lines, John Marino helped out by bringing in libssp and libgomp for gcc 4.7 for use with OpenMP.  (This is in DragonFly 3.3, not 3.2).

3 Replies to “OpenMPI, OpenMP on DragonFly”

  1. The libssp and libgomp work got MFC’d back to RELEASE 3.2, so they will be available for the release as well.

  2. At no point do they discuss the problem they are solving, the network being used, how many machines. Just a vague claim of more cores used and an order of magnitude. I don’t call this news. I think dragonfly is great but this is noise.

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