3.2 branch and release plan

As I typed elsewhere, my general plan is to branch DragonFly 3.2 on the 8th, and release on the 22nd.  That should give the recent scheduler and gcc work a chance to settle, and perhaps get a new version of USB support in too.  It will probably be using pkgsrc-2012Q3, also, though we may not have binary i386 packages.  3.2 is shaping up to be a much more significant release than I expected.


2 Replies to “3.2 branch and release plan”

  1. New version of USB support? I wonder if that means or includes USB 3.0 . Or maybe USB WiFi adapters?

    I have run Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD but never DragonFly BSD.

  2. It’s a port of the FreeBSD USB stack, which supports USB 3.0. USB Wifi drivers are separate, though a few already work if I recall correctly.

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