Do you use TeX?

I don’t, but I know there are people that do.  That’s why I’m pointing out this discussion where it appears that TeXLive 2012 won’t support NetBSD, which may mean no DragonFly either.  There’s the not-yet-packaged alternative kertex.  TeXLive is in pkgsrc, so I don’t know if that means the package will be discontinued or just altered.

(Please correct me where I go wrong here; I’m not very familiar with this, but it sounds like a drastic enough change that it should be mentioned.)

Update: as several people pointed out, it’s just prebuilt binary versions that aren’t being provided upstream.  The packages will all still be present in pkgsrc.  So, no functional change for most everyone.

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  1. It sounds like the change is that they don’t intend to provide pre-compiled versions of the distribution anymore.

    Assuming that there’s a Port for TeXLive, and that does appear to be the case (see ), this shouldn’t represent any grand problem, just that DragonFly needs to compile it yourself, which was more than likely already the case.

  2. Uh, oh. I guess the comment handler nuked the URL for the FreeBSD Ports location. Your favorite web search engine can doubtless find “bsd ports texlive” easily enough :-).

  3. Thanks. From the post it’s not clear whether a full blown texlive 2012 is up on pkgsrc.

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