9 Replies to “Does this load for you?”

  1. Loading this post works… loading the main page of the blog takes a bit of time.

  2. the individual posts work fine, but the main page takes ages because it’s trying to load some twitter button api for about 60 posts. It can’t be just my internet connection because it does the same in my girlfriend’s place albeit its a bit quicker.

    Basically Chrome keeps loading the main pages forever and meanwhile I get the busy icon next to your mouse cursor and I can’t even scroll down the page, click any link, opening another tab takes like 4 seconds.

  3. On my netbook (using FireFox) i have the same problems as Petr. It is sluggish, loading twitter stuff all the time, etc. No joy.

    On my other box (Opera) it is normal.

    Both are running Windows.

  4. Well at least im not the only one.

    Are you going to do something about it Justin? It’s really bad. I wouldn’t mind it so much if it wasn’t freezing the browser. Otherwise id just open another tab and look elsewhere for couple of minutes.

  5. I’m working on a layout change; that may change the results. Given that it seems to be happening on a local basis, it may be impossible for me to affect directly.

  6. Takes ages (and machine grinds …) to load the main page (Firefox running on OpenBSD) – trying from New Zealand. Main content fine, then lots of flashing on the status bar as it loads stuff from Google and elsewhere.

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