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For the curious, I recently sent a bulk build report for pkgsrc-2011Q4 to the lists.  Other than ruby-193 (which is fixed in pkgsrc HEAD thanks to John Marino), we’re looking pretty good!  I’m curious if KDE or Gnome could actually get installed via binary; that’s sort of an ultimate goal due to the number of packages involved.

Speaking of Ruby, the default in pkgsrc may change soon, along with some of the involved Rails packages.

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  1. In

    there is NO

    kde3-… or

    meta-packages like in FreeBSD :

    Therefore , it is not possible to

    pkg_radd kde3


    pkg_radd kde4

    as is written in


    These staements are given error like :
    pkg_add : no pkg found for ‘kde3’ , sorry . , or
    pkg_add : no pkg found for ‘kde4’ , sorry .

    k3b-1.0.5 requires kde-3.5.10 … .
    Due to this dependency , if kde4 parts are installed , it is not possible to install
    k3b .
    There is no any k3b4-2.0.2 … like in FreeBSD :

    KDE4 depends on Virtuoso , but there is no any package in the above directory

    like in FreeBSD :

    Due to the above reasons , KDE4 installation is NOT possible .

    GNOME :

    It is possible to

    pkg_radd gnome .

    After completion of gnome package adding , some actions are suggested to properly run GNOME .

    Except fam , and cups , the others have been applied , and the computer rebooted .

    After login through GNOME page ,
    the following message has been displayed :

    “System has no Xclients file , so starting a failsafe xterm session .
    Windows will have focus only if the mouse pointer is above them .
    To get out of this mode type ‘exit’ in the window .”

    When OK is clicked

    A single xterm window appeared .
    When exit is entered ,
    GNOME login screen has appeared .

    This is causing an ENDLESS loop .


    man Xclients

    entered , reply is :
    “No manual entry for Xclients” .

    As a summary ,

    – GNOME execution is NOT possible .
    – There is NO any conformity between suggestions after GNOME package add and
    information given in the Handbook .

    Thank you very much .

  2. My opinion about GNOME failure is that , directory


    is empty .

    In other systems , this directory is NEVER empty .

    It is likely that , this directory is NOT created properly .

    Thank you very much .

  3. Naming of the KDE packages is creating a list as mixed of files for versions of KDE .

    A scheme like the following may generate a structured directory list with respect to KDE versions :


    By using find-replace on files in directories , I think , it is possible to generate such a package list .

    A similar naming may be used for kde3-*

    Inclusion of k3b into dependencies of kde versions may be useful for the users .

    Nearly all of the Linux KDE distributions are including k3b as dependency . This is important for
    CD/DVD/Blue Ray disk burning , therefore taking back-ups or other recording needs .

    Thank you very much .

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