Lazy Reading for 2011/08/07

I’m throwing this in as a late update as I catch up on what happened while I was on the road last week.

  • Venkatesh Srinivas is doing The Right Thing and making sure patches get applied to the original software, not just in pkgsrc.  (bitcoin, in this case.)  Thanks!
  • Hey, more reviews (they agree with mine) for Practical Packet Analysis, from other No Starch authors.
  • RetroBSD: a tiny version of BSD, based on 2.11BSD and running on MIPS hardware, is available.  That was the one that ran on PDP-11 systems, so the small footprint is no surprise.  (According to the site) It uses a tenth of the memory, can run its own C compiler, and can fork.  Apparently uClinux can’t do any of those things.

Your unrelated link for the day: Rotate Your Owl. (via)