Updating to pkgsrc-2011Q2

I put together a post on users@ about updating to pkgsrc-2011Q2.  I’ll just repeat it here after the break:

The binary builds for pkgsrc-2011Q2 are complete and uploaded to
avalon.dragonflybsd.org.  (Well, except for DragonFly 2.10/i386.  Its
upload was interrupted, so I had to restart it.)

However, pkg_radd isn’t going to pull from the new builds without some
manual intervention.  To access them, you need to:

– set PKG_PATH to the appropriate value:


You can set this in your environment.

Also, you may need to upgrade pkg_install or bmake or one of the other
basic pkgsrc tools.  Newer packages will not install with older
versions of pkg_install than what they were created with.  That
creates a catch-22, where you can’t install new binary packages
because installing them requires the binary packages you want to

To fix that, you can rebuild the tools locally.

– pkg_radd a package from 2011Q2 and see what it complains about.
(probably pkg_install.)
– Make sure your /usr/pkgsrc is the pkgsrc-2011Q2 branch
– Do the steps here about updating pkgsrc system packages, for
whatever package it complained about:

pkg_radd -u will upgrade packages.  It has worked well for me, but
there’s also pkgin, which will work just as well with that URL.

The reason I’m not setting the ‘stable’ symlink to point at the new
quarterly release is because anyone with a new DragonFly install will
have an older pkg_install, and pkg_radd will not work out-of-the-box
in those circumstances.  I’m not sure how to proceed in a way that
doesn’t break new installs but also doesn’t create a lot of extraneous
packages… suggestions welcomed.