Lazy Reading for 2011/07/17

Man, it’s like the whole Internet decided to take a nap lately.  Warm weather in the northern hemisphere does that.

One Reply to “Lazy Reading for 2011/07/17”

  1. I did see this comment, and reading »FreeBSD is all about incorporating other people’s software at this point (ZFS, DTrace, LLVM), and hasn’t really originated a good idea in a decade.«

    FreeBSD is the only *BSD with a functional NFSv4 implementation (OS X Lion will ship with NFSv4 support as well IIRC) to name just one feature, so I guess that statement is just FUD as well.

    Also I’m glad the BSDs don’t have that NiH syndrome like other OSS projects. What will happen with DTrace and ZFS after Oracle closed the sources is another thing but they’re still some fine pieces of technology.

    Just my 2 cent.

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