5 Replies to “Instructions for iwi(4)”

  1. iwi(4) doesn’t need firmware from pkgsrc, because the firmware is in base.

    iwi_bss.ko, iwi_ibss.ko and iwi_monitor.ko modules


  2. If you’re updating the wireless docs, please add “weptkey 1 up” to the examples line in the ath man page where it says to connect to a Specific BSS network with WEP encryption.

    I found I had to add “weptkey 1 up” , after failing to get working ath connections, where wpi (on another machine) had used a similar command line with “weptkey 1 up” and it worked fine. When I added it to the example, my ath started working….

    The online handbook wpa_supplicant docs have a notice about being wrong, without any info on what part is wrong with the example or what to do instead…

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