Who’s listening?

Do you have a DragonFly workstation?  That you play audio on?  Do you have headphones hooked up?  Is it using Intel High Definition Audio?  (snd_hda)  Does connecting the headphones disable the system speaker?

You can probably guess exactly what I’m trying to troubleshoot given the above questions.

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  1. I tried to set up a DragonFly media machine but having the headphone jack auto-sensing not working was a show stopper for me. I didn’t have time to do any worthwhile debugging.

    It was about 6 months ago so likely 2.6ish. Intel HDA on an Asus Eee-PC 900H.

    I still have it and would be happy to do some testing if need be.

  2. Yep, it does not work.

    We prob need OSSv4, I know FreeBSD like to do there own implementation although I am not sure why considering the pressure in the need for new developers to work on more critical innovations like updated graphics etc..

    I _think_ from memory OSSv4 from pkgsrc fixed the problem, give it a go. Was awhile ago now.

    Kind Regards,

  3. Ed – I didn’t think OSSv4 was ported to DragonFly, or in pkgsrc in such a way it could be added. There are pkgsrc items that support it as a plugin.

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