4 Replies to “More on Hammer design”

  1. I am not sure ‘extremely complex’ describes HAMMER2 well; the art is to make a design which is not so.

  2. Christian – Fixed the link, thanks.

    Thomas – HAMMER2 looks to be easier to use, since it removes some of the restrictions on PFS handling and so on, but this actual document gets pretty technical; that’s what I was referring to.

  3. Agree that doing HAMMER design is extremely complex; this is also why we are going to have HAMMER2. If problem, with the advanced features choosen for HAMMER, wasn’t complex, I’m sure HAMMER1 would work satisfactory. It is going to be an interesting journey to see HAMMER2 features materialize. Also I realize that I was a bit sharp in my first comment, you didn’t say in the first place that it is the HAMMER2 design which is ‘extermely complex’.

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