3 Replies to “gcc, textinfo, and diffutils updates”

  1. I needed to upgrade the system compiler to pull in a patch that was committed after the last 2.10 release and didn’t want to build the whole world again, so I was looking for a way to just build the compiler. I didn’t find anything in google, so this is what I got to run after looking over the Makefile:

    cd gnu/usr.bin/cc44
    make DIRPRFX=gnu/usr.bin/cc44/ obj
    make DIRPRFX=gnu/usr.bin/cc44/ depend
    make DIRPRFX=gnu/usr.bin/cc44/ all
    make DIRPRFX=gnu/usr.bin/cc44/ install

    That seemed to work, would be nice if it were documented someplace. I realize this is probably some old BSD knowledge that old-timers just know, as I now see that OpenBSD has some similar commands, but perhaps the most compact way to compile a single utility like this belongs on the wiki.

  2. Ruben – The wiki is editable by anyone, so you can certainly add it there. Or, it could go in the appropriate man page, though I’m not sure which one that would be.

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