Summer of Code DragonFly projects announced

Google’s announced the accepted projects for 2011.  DragonFly has 6 slots!

We had a large number of interesting project proposals; far more than than the slots available.  If you’re one of the students who did not get in, please consider working on your project as time allows.  I know it won’t be lucrative, but I’d still like to see them happen.

Here’s the list of accepted projects:

  1. Implementing a mirror target for device mapper: Adam Hoka, mentored by Joe Talbott
  2. Improve dsched interfaces and implement BFQ disk scheduling policy: Brills Peng, mentored by Alex Hornung
  3. Make vkernels checkpointable: Irina Presa, mentored by Venkatesh Srinivas
  4. Port PUFFS from NetBSD/FreeBSD: nickprok, mentored by Nathaniel Filardo
  5. Bring kernel event notification in DragonFly BSD to its logical conclusion: Samuel J. Greear, mentored by Sascha Wildner
  6. Porting Virtio Drivers from NetBSD to DragonFly BSD to speed up DragonFly BSD as a KVM guest: Stéphanie Ouillon, mentored by Pratyush Kshirsagar