Lazy Reading for 2011/03/27

I’ve found enough good links I’m able to schedule this post ahead of time.  Yay!

2 Replies to “Lazy Reading for 2011/03/27”

  1. Ahem. *Recent* KVM, thank you. So I can realistically run OpenNebula on FreeBSD. I’m not handing beer to anyone who can install an ancient KVM from ports.

    Well, okay, not *good* beer, at least…

  2. I second the motion. Vkernels are neat, for virtual hosting and, well, kernel debugging, but we really need the ability to do virtualization of any OS, especially now that qemu seems to be more and more tuned to working with KVM.

    Maybe the whole qemu/KVM code base is such a mess that BSD coders don’t want to mess with it, but something of its ilk on a BSD platform would be really useful. Maybe Xen, though that seems to be geared toward Linux, too, and may not be getting as much love now that RedHat etc. have put their focus on KVM.

    I guess there’s VirtualBox on FreeBSD, but that’s more of a workstation/testing VM solution it appears — and the full-featured (and closed-source) version is not supported. Sigh.

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