Faster OpenSSL a possibility, without hardware

Peter Avalos is working on having OpenSSL use assembly code.  On i386, he reports initial rough results of blowfish working 15% faster, and DES doubling in speed.  (seen via IRC.)

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  1. Justin,
    Just an FYI, The feed change did not seem to work on my google home page, this one is still the last post.

  2. Any better now? There were some paths to RSS data from older versions of the Digest that weren’t being redirected. I just changed them, so it may take a bit to get the data.

  3. I added a new feed last night using the new link, both were on my home page stuck at the “Feed Update” as last post.
    I checked a few times today and both were still the same, now tonight the new one is showing new posts but the old one is still “stuck”.
    So I’m not sure what is up with the first one.

  4. It’s cause I was a dumbass and redirected the old feed unconditionally, which meant that the feedburner spider was also redirected – to itself. It’s fixed now.

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