UP or SMP choices for booting

DragonFly has shipped with a uniprocessor kernel by default forever.  Shipping with a SMP kernel may not work as well for all possible combinations.  With some recent changes by Matthew Dillon, both types of kernel are present and can be picked from at boot time – with the LiveCD!

One Reply to “UP or SMP choices for booting”

  1. As I remember our LiveDVD image did include both UP & SMP kernels;
    this was result of Louisa’s GSoC a few years ago.

    But now we can have both 32-bit & 64-bit system on one USB stick image,
    both UP & SMP kernel for both, all in one boot menu.
    I’m not sure it will all go into this release though (didn’t test it yet ;-)

    mneumann also did some work to have one kernel doing both UP & SMP,
    setting a loader tunable i think, but this is post release feature.

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