4 Replies to “Revised pkgsrc guide”

  1. I would add …/amd64/… as option in setenv PKG_PATH part. There are a lot of synonyms – x64, amd64, x86_64, 64b etc. so it would left no doubts. The more so it would suggest that DFBSD has x64 (aka amd64) release too. Regards.

  2. More useful command for removing work files from building package would be: “bmake clean clean-depends” or CLEANDEPENDS=yes in mk.conf.

    Informations about upgrading packages should be more comprehensive. Copying some parts (about pkg_chk and pkg_rolling-replace etc.) from netbsd-wiki is good idea.

  3. I was kinda iffy on adding that old netbsd wiki article – it’s very good, but I don’t know if that’s its permanent home. There was a new NetBSD wiki on the way where it should show up, but I haven’t seen any activity on that for quite a while… So I guess it wins by default.

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