7 Replies to “Freeze for pkgsrc-2010Q3 starting soon”

  1. If everything works out – it looks like pkgsrc-2010Q3 is planned for release October 1st, and I can’t imagine we’re putting 2.8 out before that.

  2. You can watch youtube in the firefox without flash in tinyogg.com.
    Just paste URL and push “Convert” button. It convert flash to WebM.
    Works fine!

  3. WebM looks to me (after a few seconds of browsing) to only be in nightly builds of not-yet-release Firefox 4. 3.6.2, the most recent version in pkgsrc, doesn’t have an option for it in the pkgsrc Makefile.

    You can always build www/firefox yourself if there’s a way to manually patch it in, if you prefer.

  4. Firefox 3.whatever it is now works on other platforms with WebM. It would just be nice to have it built like that for DF without any fiddling about.


  5. Firefox 3.7 supports WebM, but it isn’t released yet (only alpha available). I wouldn’t be surprised if Debian build of Firefox 3.6 have support for WebM – they patch and backport some features in many packages. But getting official support (reporting bugs etc) for that kind of builds is almost impossible.

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