3 Replies to “Just continue with buildkernel for now”

  1. This is just FUD.

    I’ve been quickworld/kerneling across the whole select/poll and mpsafe changes times and nothing during that time ever broke that would have worked with a full buildkernel/world.

    Sure, quick* don’t build from time to time. Well, just do a build* _then_.

    I’m using quick* regularly (that is, every few days) over the past, dunno, 6 years?… basically since we have it, and there were maybe 5 cases all in all in that time, where quick* succeeded building but the result wouldn’t run _and_ it was fixed by doing a full build* cycle.

  2. FUD seems a harsh term. I’m not trying to raise doubts about something through dire, overblown predictions. I’m reporting that Matt’s recommending a full buildworld process based on changes he made. I’m not running a 2.7 system, so I can’t try it myself to see. Geez, Sascha, you’re really getting me down lately.

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