Oh look, it’s LVM2!

Alex Hornung has imported LVM2 from NetBSD, along with cryptsetup and dm.  (Not dm(8), but devicemapper)  LVM(8) stands for Logical Volume Management, and it makes storage management much easier; you may have encountered it on NetBSD or Linux.  Those additional tools make it possible to encrypt volumes.  Alex has published details on how to use it.

Also: Alex’s not-really-related-but-I -mistakenly-linked-to-it udev/libdevattr work.

3 Replies to “Oh look, it’s LVM2!”

  1. Oh and when the website sync with these news?
    The latest is still “Messylaneous for 2010/03/08”

  2. Justin,

    the second link (“how it works”) links to the udev/libdevattr stuff which is actually unrelated to dm/LVM. That’s an effort to have something along the lines of linux’ libudev.

    The only implementation notes about dm/lvm/cryptsetup are hidden in the first mail (your “how to use it” link).

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