Facebook and DragonFly, but not on purpose

Looking for DragonFly BSD in Google will occasionally turn up wierd things: the release ISOs scattered amongst other not-so-free software, or poorly cut-and-pasted documentation in a splog.  This is the oddest recently: a direct copy of the Wikipedia page on DragonFly, placed on Facebook, with a big tag at the top saying “Sign up for Facebook to connect with DragonFly BSD”.

Except there’s no DragonFly on Facebook.  I assume it’s a group formed by some Facebook user.  The whole “sign up to connect” item rankles me a bit; signing up for Facebook isn’t going to get you more DragonFly; it’s just going to waste your time.

One Reply to “Facebook and DragonFly, but not on purpose”

  1. Blame this on Facebook’s nefarious new practice of mining your interests and automatically creating pages out of them.

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