There goes BIND

As previously foreshadowed, BIND has been removed from the DragonFly base system.  Instead, it’s installed from pkgsrc.  Note that this includes tools like nslookup or host.  Instructions after the jump.

Transition steps, taken from the next release’s notes:

# cd /usr/pksrc/net/bind96;
# bmake all install clean


# pkg_radd bind96

# cp /usr/pkg/share/examples/rc.d/named9 /etc/rc.d/
# /etc/rc.d/named stop

edit /etc/rc.conf, and remove


then add

named_flags="-c named.conf"

# chown -R named /etc/namedb
# /etc/rc.d/named9 start

Test your setup with host, dig and so on. Check for a running named process with ps. Error messages should go to /var/log/messages.

6 Replies to “There goes BIND”

  1. Are there any alternatives to nslookup, host and dig in de base installation?

  2. Sure, but does that mean you’ll have to compile the whole bind suite, just to get those tools?

  3. It’s added when the ISO is created. It’ll be functionally the same – the binary files will reside in /usr/pkg/ instead of /usr, and upgrades of BIND won’t be dependent on also upgrading the underlying base system. (A good thing, considering BIND’s security history.) It also means that time gets spent by developers working on DragonFly, not updating software that’s already been updated somewhere else.

  4. if you need lookups (for automated remote installation etc) could take the client code from djbdns (public domain now I guess) and add it to base :)

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