7 Replies to “Statistics on binary pkgsrc use”

  1. Hey great work, Justin!
    This is a really interesting report. It looks like the most prudent approach is just start at the top of the list and start working down.

    Is there a published procedure to provide patches/Makefile updates to the designee? If not, what’s the process to feed this back?

  2. I see now it’s the most requested packages, and includes packages that build fine. Is there any way to automate a report to tell us which ones on the long list are broken? Or have dependencies that are broken?

  3. may be i am posting an irrelevent topic but please add KICAD and QUCS in avalon repository.These are much important packages fall under CAD catagory.

  4. I don’t see kicad in pkgsrc, and qucs is only available in the “wip” branch, which I’m not building since that’s a test area. I’m only building the current pkgsrc release branch at any given time, for a variety of reasons. If you can get those added as package to pkgsrc proper, they’ll be on avalon too.

  5. Ah, ok. Thanks for the link, I wasn’t aware of that nice report.

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