Easy reading for what’s broke

Every time a bulk build of pkgsrc packages is completed, a report is uploaded listing what built and what didn’t.  Since there’s so many reports from the now-automated build, I’ve sorted it by architecture and release, to make lookups faster.

This is handy if you’re looking to fix pkgsrc apps on DragonFly, and you need a target.  It’s also a good way to see if a desired module exists as a binary.

2 Replies to “Easy reading for what’s broke”

  1. That’s a lot of packages. It’s too bad there’s not a priority list available so we could figure out which are the most desirable to fix first. I don’t know how you would determine something like that other than just having a poll, though.

  2. Well, the list of top packages that are broken and have many dependencies is a good place to start. Nobody gets excited over libjpeg, but mangle that and something really necessary will go too.

    I’d love to see statistical reporting on what packages are installed. There’s probably other ways to figure that out, I bet…

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