2 Replies to “NVIDIA on DragonFly”

  1. What about the ATI/AMD drivers?
    I didn’t follow it to much, but since the specs are open it should at least be possible to implement it. Is there a driver? Is one in progress? I don’t know much about this stuff, but I read somewhere about ATI drivers in X.org, which support 3D (soon?). Can these be used on DragonFly?

    I’m sorry for not knowing much about it. Maybe someone can tell me more.

  2. As I recall, the work on ATI drivers for recent hardware and X is in RadeonHD.


    I’ve used the driver – version 1.2.3, I think it was. Worked pretty well, though 3D support is still better with older models. This is the version that ATI/AMD is supporting.

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