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Dru Lavigne has found a new cross-BSD news site, BSD News Network.   I would like to see it get away from a generic blog layout and hold something other than RSS feed data, since there’s already TheDailyBSD and BSDNews and BSDPlanet for that.

I may be a bit grumpy about it since sites that aggregate BSD news feeds often end up being something close to 50% composed of words originally typed by me, because of the Digest’s regularity.  I’d like to see BSD news sources with at least a hint of authorial voice, not machine-operated copying.  FreeBSD – the unknown Giant is close to that, for instance.

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  1. Just to clear up – was built for myself – its a simple wordpress install which syncs posts via RSS. I have never pushed it in anyway to be a ‘BSD News Site’. Infact, you’re probably the first person to speak about its existence. Secondly, if the copying side is an issue for you, you can easily stop various sites from automatically sync’ing.

  2. Liam – Oh, OK. It started showing up in Google, with my own words quoted. I’ve seen that happen a bunch of times from people trying to build all-RSS sites with a bunch of ads slapped on top; it makes me irritable.

    Didn’t you do this before with a different site? I recall you had a a lot more posts aggregated together on a page; I thought it was quite useful to scan them all at once.

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