3 Replies to “Ping, and where it came from”

  1. Forgot: on page linked in prev comment:
    link to ‘source code’ broken; use http://ftp.arl.army.mil/pub/misc/
    ping.c in ping.tar compiles (ping.c in ping.shar needs tweak).

    Do remember to follow links at bottom of page if you like
    history of computing & networking (especially IP)!


  2. Shame that Mike M. died when he did – only 38 years old. If he were still alive, I suspect he would still be contributing some very useful stuff. The ping thing is kind of like baseball’s Roberto Clemente dying with 3,000 hits, or Buddy Holly or Jim Croce (music) dying in plane crashes – he did something Hall of Fame worthy, but died not long afterwards, and long before his time.

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