2 Replies to “Messylaneous, 03/12/2009”

  1. So you work for Tomahawk for free? In other words you don’t need HW or funds or in case of a server failure you don’t need replacement. You devote time to help them make profit instead of devoting time to your family friends. They claim support for various HW but you have developed this support not they.

    My work (aour work) is for the benefit of humankind, not fucking money. DBSD does not install on my Sis741GX but if they have a working driver they will not share it. What are you smoking???

    Since I am not a coward
    Vasileios I. Anagnostopoulos

  2. Vasileios, I’m not sure what you are angry about. The Tomahawk press release states that they have to move to BSD because they can’t legally use closed source code on a Linux system. They’re not taking anyone’s work away without paying them. Whether the vendor supplying the closed source/binary only material should be doing that is another matter, but it’s separate from what Tomahawk is doing.

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