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  1. Thanks, it’s great. Is there official DragonflBSD forum anywhere? I’ve found a link to the forum in the FAQ page in the official site, but it’s 404 Error there. I think forum is somethinng “must” if DragonFly wanna become more popular. And also, is there merged in one page Handbook?


  2. Wanted to try the DVD, but failed to boot PC, DVD reader acted like wasn’t a bootable DVD and went on to boot normal from HD.

  3. xoo – the forum link is from the old site layout; it’ll need to be changed. The ‘forums’ are the mailing lists, and the page for it is:


    There isn’t a single-page version of the handbook right now; I’ll have to investigate how to produce that via the new website…

    Anonymous – sanity check: is the system bios checking the DVD drive first? Is the DVD itself working? (i.e. not a coaster?) You should be able to mount it as a drive, as a test.

  4. @Justin Sherrill
    Thanks for reply, if you provide me information about how the Handbook HTML files are organized and named in your HDD (or just upload them somewhere (sendspace.com) in tar.bz2), I will try to write a Python/PHP script (or if you want, a tool in C) to join them. Thanks.

  5. ok…got it to boot, now it’s not taking any input from my usb keyboard…

  6. Anonymous, can you try setting:

    set hw.usb.hack_defer_exploration=0

    at the loader prompt and see if that fixes the USB issue?


    BTW, such bug reports should better go to the mailing lists

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