Google SoC 2009: keep thinking

Matthias Schmidt has created a page for DragonFly project ideas, for Google’s Summer of Code 2009.  (Nobody’s accepted yet, but we were last year and I’m optimistic we can be again)  If you would be available to mentor, add projects you’d enjoy mentoring.  If you’ll be an eligible student, give it a read.

One Reply to “Google SoC 2009: keep thinking”

  1. Two or ten wishlisty suggestions from me:

    * I haven’t had time to check recently, but GNOME support could always be better. Are we still unsupported in libgtop? [I was meaning to try to poke that over the holidays but still haven’t had time to even look.]

    * Again, I haven’t really looked, but a default configuration or /usr/share/examples contribution for a hostapd (plus pf?) configuration that would *only route to the Internet* would be neat and save hours of individual users’ setup time. Need an AP somewhere? Have guests over? Bonus points for running both secured-local and unsecured Internet-only at the same time…

    * I keep looking for a “deinstall depends” target in pkgsrc and not finding one; if this is really missing and I’m not braindead, that’d help get out of common SNAFUs. (Like if you want to be *sure* you’ve removed all of xorg, rather than only the meta-pkg…)

    * I’m probably one of two DragonFly-using GNOME fans; I gather KDE gets all the love but I haven’t had a chance to try it on DragonFly. Given the risk of pkgsrc nightmares if installing it the usual way, is anyone feeling punchy enough to write a script that collects everything into one monolithic “KDE desktop” package? This could reduce the setup-and-tinkering time for users who just want *a* desktop, and remain optional-but-available for everyone else.

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