Assuming your DNS has caught up, has been updated using ikiwiki to merge the wiki and the regular site.

Everything that was in the wiki is now present in the Documentation area, and can be edited in the same way.  Enjoy!  Please tell me if you encounter problems, especially as this is my fault.

4 Replies to “New”

  1. I see that the first wiki link you encounter in the front page still points to wich is the old moinmoin.

  2. I like that new one, except for the mailing list archives whose indices have become a little harder to read, due to bigger font and the links’ blue colour. There appears to be something wrong with the HTML output, but I don’t know if it’s related.

  3. twisla – that link is generated by ikiwiki when it builds that page; it looks like a bug. It’s fixed in a more recent release of ikiwiki.

    You can see page history by clicking the ‘history’ link at the bottom of the page instead, for the time being.

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