Linkpile 2009/01/15

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  1. Seems to be a problem with the “Why You Should Pay for Free” link.

  2. I have been buying (or donating in most cases) only free virtual stuff/data since years. Not only software, but also music and videos.

    The last need-to-buy thing I bought was more than seven years ago, if you don’t count an album I bought on magnatune, which is sort of a mix between have-to-buy and get-for-free.

    The nice thing about this is, you don’t get a “I should have spent that money for something else” feeling.

    Hmm… maybe something like that could also work with physical stuff, but that’s possibly much harder.

    I guess a lot of people will start to pay for for-free stuff, because of things like DRM and very evil EULAs. First of all more people need to write about this, because it makes people think about doing something similar. A lot of people are simply not aware about all that.

    But hey, Wikipedia and Mozilla have really big foundations, so it seems, like this stuff really works :)

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