Some miscellaneous links I’ve been saving:

  • Undeadly has some recent notes on the status of pcc; does this run on DragonFly yet?
  • Occasional DragonFly user _why has released Shoes 2.0, an entertaining Ruby-based GUI toolkit.  Or maybe it’s a vehicle for him to tell stories.  Or both.
  • The preview of the December issue of the Open Source Business Resource has, among other things, an article from Leslie “Google Summer of Code 2008” Hawthorn, which DragonFly particpated in. Oh wait – it’s up as HTML or PDF.
  • Asciio, a GUI program to draw charts in ascii that you can then cut and paste anywhere.  Nothing earthshaking other than a very good idea.

2 Replies to “Links-a-go-go”

  1. Of all the “let’s replace GCC” projects that have sprung up, LLVM along with clang as the frontend certainly looks most promising.


  2. Pcc runs on DragonFly. Both pcc and clang should reach to the state “mature enough to compile most of stuff” in next year. Both lack some features used in the real world at the moment. Clang is certainly more promising for me as well – it has C++ and objc support and has already fantastic static analyzer.

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