Git or Mercurial?

Matthew Dillon’s collecting opinions on what source control system DragonFly should move to; the two ‘finalists’ are Git and Mercurial, though other suggestions are welcome. There’s already a lot of people that have spoken up; I count 11 for git and 8 for mercurial so far.

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  1. I was expecting some discussion on features, rather than people voting for what they know, but I guess Matt asked for votes not opinions.

    I’m looking for a new repository at the moment that I’m wanting to back with a Hammer FS. I tried GIT, Mecurial and Bazaar, GIT was the least hassle to install, Bazaar second and Mecurial … well I just gave up. I’m sure these are all available as packages, but I thought I would share my experiences.

  2. Just a comment, and this might not be that much of an issue for the Dragonfly BSD devs, but using git currently pretty much locks out people on Windows machines since the Windows port borders on the unusable. And there are some of us who would be interested in peaking at the latest code or even keep a local copy for learning purposes, if not actual development.

  3. One of the things that people really like about using SVN on Windows is the integration with Windows Explorer through TortoiseSVN. Everyone misses it when they move to Mac or Linux, even if they are familiar with the command line.

    So one of the good things with Mercurial is that it also integrates with Windows Explorer through TortoiseHg. Like Z98, I recognize that it might not be a big deal for the core developers, but for people that develop on Windows machines (often compiling or deploying on Unix-like systems), it is an option, whereas git completely locks you out.

  4. I vote CVS, cause I don’t like the two options. What kind of election only has two candidates?!? It’s madness.

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