The audio from NYCBSDCon presentations is available thanks to Nikolai Fetissov. Matthew Dillon’s Hammer presentation audio is available, along with others. I’ll link to the video/slides as soon as they are available. An idea of what Jason Dixon’s “BSD versus GPL” (,mp3) may be like as video can be gleaned from his previous work: BSD is Dying (Google Video, via).

Matthew Dillon also points out on his return from NYCBSDCon that some of the funding behind various BSD projects and developers comes from the financial institutions melting down recently; DragonFly is, luckily, unaffected.

(my IRA lost “only” 15% on Friday. Yeesh.)

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  1. None that I know of – plans are usually formulated in the weeks before the event. There’s a number of people going to the Chaos Communication Congress at the end of the year…

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