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  1. I just wanna try the 2.0. But this torrent link doesn’t work.
    B.T.W. How to unzip the .gz images. (That’s why I have to use the torrent instead of iso images)

  2. gzip can open files that end in gz – http://www.gzip.org/ – I don’t know offhand of anyplace that has a non-compressed version, as that eats up a lot more bandwidth. It would be handy to have a zipped copy.

    The domain that hosted the bittorrent link appears to have reached its bandwidth limit.

  3. Hi,

    I hope that this doesn’t sound like an advertisement, but I always used 7-zip on Windows. It supports a lot of formats, it’s pretty fast and also has a small command line version.
    Of course it’s open source.

    Two other ideas:
    Placing a gzip executable on the mirrors (like NetBSD has rawrite2.exe on their mirors)
    Stop using compression and only have ISOs

    Link to 7-zip:

    Oh and their 7z format is very good. This would save a lot of space and traffic. I’m hope it will replace gz and bz2 someday. If you know LZMA, that’s maunly, what 7z is.

    Again, sorry for the advertising.

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