News sites, like this one, and not like this one

This post on the “gentrification of geek communities” is interesting, and somewhat relevant to what I’m trying to do with the Digest. However, the author seems to have more of a concern about which sites appear the most hip, rather than viewing them as secondary mechanisms for reporting on the actual news items found there. (Via)

Perhaps that’s the sign a geek news site has ‘jumped the shark’: when appearing on it is more exciting than reading the news articles present. e.g. the Slashdot Effect rather than the Slashdot News.

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  1. I haven’t read Slashdot in about eighteen months, or any of the other big sites, it seemed like a big time suck I didn’t need in my life, and now I’m glad I stopped.

    Reading that back, I think I sound like a recovering alcoholic.

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