I’ve been traveling for a few days, so it’s time you break out the bullet points again in an effort to catch up.

Matthew Dillon posted a Hammer summary and warning on the 25th, along with another update today, mostly about mirroring and very large (terabyte!) files. Michael Neumann is also adding to Hammer functionality.

He also did some initial porting work on netgraph from FreeBSD, though there’s some objections. The purpose is to make updating certain utilites easier.

This minor update to ATA support leads to a page with some interesting details about how ATA works. has set up a Google calendar for FreeBSD events, though I daresay many of the events will have multiple BSDs represented.

You know how I always post about roguelike games here? The ultimate form of the roguelike has been announced.

Dru Lavigne says “Grs!“.  A bonus point to whomever figures out that reference…

2 Replies to “Catchup”

  1. Interesting pointer about kio_fish. Nautilus has the ability to do something similar by allowing soft ssh (sftp) mounts, but I haven’t traced the black magic involved (presumably somewhere in the VFS/GVFS) and only catch it being too smart for its own good: When using the feature to get to documents on a machine that’s only available by IPv6, it seems to pass a *link* when invoking, and OO.o apparently has logic of its own for dealing with such things — which doesn’t yet work with IPv6. Oops.

    I also used Netgraph for some simple bridging a few years ago and don’t remember it being particularly onerous, if that counts for anything. IIRC it had recently become “the” way to do such with FreeBSD at the time.

  2. I should note: That GNOME behavior is observed with Ubuntu, where I expect to see the UI and application stack behaving roughly as intended, so it’s nothing specific with Gnome or OO.o on DragonFly.

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